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Digital Recording and Mastering capabilities for quality sound imaging. Using the latest music and recording technology, all music is produced from original compositions. From composing to mastering the final tracks, sonic clarity and artistic intent is maintained throughout the production process.

MUSIC Production & Sound Design: Macintosh  with MOTU Digital Performer, MachFive, Bias Peak, Wave  VST and Protools software; MOTU 828; MOTU MidiExpress; Tascam DAT; Mackie  Mixing Boards ; Aphex 207D; Lexicon; Yamaha Monitors, SONY SoundForge Mastering and CD/DVD Architect.  All music mastered to Red Book standards.

VIDEO Post Production / Multimedia: Non-Linear HD Video Editing Workstation, JVC & SONY High Definition Camcorders; Mackie Universal Control, High Definition Video Editing and Mixing Capabilities; Sony Vegas, ULEAD Video Studio; Full SMTPE synching with FireWire composite video capabilities.

Keyboard, Controllers and Samplers: EWI4000, Oberheim Matrix 6, Yamaha P80 Piano, Roland Fantom XR Sampler , Kurzweil PC3 Workstation and Emu Procussion.

LAXMEDIA offers complete multimedia, video and music pre and post production services. In collaboration with a network of other artists, musicians and engineers, LAXMEDIA provides the expertise, resources and a full working project  facility conducive to creativity and video/film, multimedia and music production.

LAXMEDIA strives to provide the highest quality sound and post production services regardless of the size of the project, or the medium. We look forward to offering all our clients the best possible sound, music and post production assistance needed for any project.