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Digital audio, film, and other new technologies are having an impact on communications and entertainment industries worldwide. In support of these exciting creative possibilities, we produce  innovative music to enhance film and multimedia projects and provide an exceptional musical experience for the listener. We are building a unique photo image library for multimedia and web designers in addition to offering production services. Located in Northern NJ (30 min. from Tappan Zee or GW Bridge), LAXMEDIA is an independent music and multimedia production company owned and operated by Jon Lax.  

Jon Lax  - Composer / Music  Producer      Photographer  has composed and produced music, photography and video over 30 years, working professionally as musician and multimedia specialist.  (Biography)

"Moving easily between lyrical themes to modern, dynamic grooves, Jon Lax is one of those inventive musicians who has the ability to mix with great taste various musical styles such as jazz, new age, classical, world music. His music captures the sounds of nature, converting them into beautiful melodies charged with emotion and spirit." (JazzWorldQuest)

In collaboration with a network of other artists, musicians, engineers and developers LAXMEDIA provides the expertise, resources and a full working project  facility conducive to creativity for video/film, multimedia, presentations and music production.  We look forward to offering all our clients, from the independent film/video maker and musicians -- and others-- the best possible sound, music, post production and web content assistance needed for any project.  

Our quest to explore new innovative music and multimedia technologies, assures all of our clients the commitment to quality  services we are able to offer.